Where Did You Get That Shirt?

Have you ever seen someone with a "rockstar" outfit and thought, Where did they get that stuff? I get asked every once in a while where I find my clothing. Normally, people are either intrigued by the detail of my shirts, the design of my jeans, or the pattern of my suits. So, I thought to myself, Why not share these finds with everyone?

So, I'm going to share some insights on the most frequently asked questions; but, first, I want to say this: although nice clothing is more expensive, if you always check out the clearance selections of websites and stores, you'll always find a deal.

Where did you get that rockstar shirt?
Easy: Buckle. You can find awesome shirts with amazing detailing from just $20! Here's another insight. Check out your local TJ Maxx; you'll find some of the same shirts from last season for $10-$20. Here are some of the brands you'll want to check out: my personal favorite - English Laundry, Roar, Christopher Wicks, 7 Diamonds, Aqua VI, Pop Icon, BKE, and Buckle Black.

Where do you buy your jeans?
Okay. So I do have to admit to you that I'm quite the "jean snob." I spend a lot of money on my jeans. So, there's not really a short cut on this on for me - unless you hit up the clearance section. Again: Buckle. Buckle is actually the only place I own a pair of jeans from. They carry brands like Rock Revival, MEK, Big Star, 7even, and others; and they even have there own brand, BKE, which is normally very reasonably priced. Although the majority of Buckle's jeans are pricey, you can always find great deals in their clearance section. Once you buy a pair, it's difficult to own anything else.

Where did you get those shoes?
So, here's the deal on shoes. There are lots of great brands that offer fashion and comfort, but you can't really get around the price tag unless you search high and low - Unless you're at Becky's in Cleveland, Tennessee, where you'll find seconds and model-worn premium footwear at incredibly cheap prices. Shoes also depend on your style; but, nevertheless, here are some great brands/stores. Aldo, Cole Haan, Allen Edmonds, Olu Kai, Ugg Australia, Sebago, Dansko, Johnston & Murphy, and Clarks. And while I'm at it, I'll give you some popular brands you do not want (trust me on this - I grew up in the shoe biz). Rockport, Bass, Hush Puppy, Stacy Adams, Dockers, and Sketchers. Oh yeah, and if you have Crocs, throw them away.

Where'd you get that awesome suit?
If you're looking for a really nice suit at a decent price, check out Paul Fredrick. If you're looking for a high quality, conservative suit for a slightly higher price, check out Charles Tyrwhitt. If you're looking for a good, plain suit at a good price, check out Jos. A Bank. If you're looking for a fashionable, medium quality suit at a cheap price, check out Mega Suits. They key to finding a great suit is finding a great tailor. I have found so many awesome suits at second-hand stores for less than $50, and because I have an amazing tailor, I can make it look like a million bucks - like it was made just for me. If you find a good tailor, he'll be your friend for life.
*For those of you who live anywhere remotely close to DC, I'll give you my tailor, Bill, in Winchester, VA. He's worth the drive.

Where'd you get that tie?
The Tie Bar, where all ties are $15! You can also check out Charles Tyrwhitt and Paul Fredrick. One of my favorite brands, found at Belk and Macy's, is Countess Mara. There ties are beautiful, high quality, and reasonably priced; if you buy one, you'll love it!

And now you've got the inside scoop. Happy shopping!


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